My Pastor, My Mentor, My Friend…

This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life.

I found out that my pastor, my mentor, my friend Bob Coy fell into sexual sin and disqualified himself from ministry. I have been a mess since Saturday.

Before I share what I believe to be missing in the conversation about Bob’s fall, indulge me to share a little background…

I started attending Calvary Chapel as a young Christian of only 3 weeks.

It was a Wednesday night Bible study and I still remember the subject of the message (he was preaching out of Acts 18).

Calvary Chapel is where I went to Bible College. It’s where I was married.

Bob hired me as a 23 year old kid and took an interest in me.

He ordained me into ministry and I had the privilege of serving on the Calvary staff for 4 years before planting Calvary Fellowship in Miramar, FL in the year 2000.

Bob didn’t officiate my wedding, but he did attend my wedding.

After the ceremony, he congratulated me and asked that I introduce him to my dad.

He shook my dad’s hand and said, “You should be very proud of your son; I know I am.”

When I was leaving to start my church, he called me into his office and spoke words of encouragement and life to me that brought me to tears. I’m grateful he believed in me to start a ministry that has blessed many lives in my city.

I dedicated my book “Zero to Sixty” to Him because he was the one who took a chance on me and taught me how to be a leader

I’m saying all of this because I want you to know that I love Bob. However, there’s a point that needs to be made that I haven’t read in the hundreds of news articles and opinion pieces that are circulating.

In fact, I want to make 4 points:

1. Bob is not a fraud. All the good that he did is still good. He’s a man who made a terrible mistake and will live with the consequences for the rest of his life. Yes, God forgives him (1 John 1:9), but that will not erase the consequences of his actions. Bob knows this. That’s why he resigned. He knows the rules of Christian leadership.

2. Bob is disqualified from ministry. I’ve read lots of comments that fall in to what I would call the “Let’s let bygones be bygones” category. Leaders are held to a higher standard. There are qualifications to serve as a pastor/ elder/ bishop (1 Timothy 3). When a leader breaks that sacred trust, he is disqualified. I’m not saying he can’t be restored, however, that shouldn’t even be the conversation yet. The leaders of the church had a biblical obligation to remove him from ministry and the church has done this. Many of these men I have known for more than 15 years. They are godly men seeking to make the best decisions possible in the midst of a tragic situation.

3. Appreciation of someone’s ministry is not “worship”. We follow Jesus not a man. The same Jesus Bob follows and loves. However, it’s ok to say you attend (or attended) Calvary Chapel because you loved Bob’s teaching. Loving a pastor’s teaching doesn’t mean you worship him. It’s a little too simplistic to say, “I attend _____ church because I worship Jesus, that’s it.” You can worship Jesus in any church. In fact, you can worship Jesus from your bedroom, so why get out of bed and go to church? We get up and go to church because we want to hear God’s Word taught. And yes, it’s ok to say you enjoy the way some people teach the Bible over others. Listen, David kills Goliath no matter who reads the story. But some pastors bring the text to life and others make you wish you were the one getting pelted with stones.

4. You’re only as accountable as you want to be. I believe in accountability, but let’s be honest with ourselves: we’re only as accountable as we’re willing to be. Any system can be circumvented if the heart isn’t right. Yet “more accountability” gets treated like a silver bullet that’s going to fix all leaders. By the way, the issue of sexual sin isn’t happening only within Calvary Chapel. Southern Baptists have a program for fallen pastors and the waiting list to get into the program is 2 years long. Regardless of denomination, Satan is attacking pastors. When you strike the shepherd, the sheep scatter. Accountability is important. Checks and balances are a must for churches to be above reproach. But let’s be honest about what accountability can and cannot do. No amount of accountability can replace a heart that is right with God.

I have cried over this situation more than I care to admit.

Bob has given the enemies of God reason to blaspheme.

Walking into Calvary Chapel on Sunday afternoon was hard for me. It’s my former home. It’s where so many significant moments happened in my life. It’s where I grew up as a Christian and as a leader.

But this past Sunday, I walked out of Calvary the same way I always walked out of Calvary in my years there: with a commitment to do what the Bible says, no matter how difficult.

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45 thoughts on “My Pastor, My Mentor, My Friend…

  1. Fantastic blog Bob. I think coming from you and because of your relationship w Pastor Coy, I pray this blog helps ppl heal.

    I have heard so many ppl say “we should not judge.” I think we are are allowed to judge/evaluate someone’s behavior. I judge my kids all the time. I judge my employees everyday. Jesus says “you will know them by their fruit,” ie judge their actions. It seems what we shouldn’t do is CONDEM them as a result of our judgement/evaluation. Bob is guilty of a moral failure and there should be consequences but he should not be condemned to the point of no restoration (and that can look very differently). Just because i judge someone’s actions doesn’t mean I haven’t sinned or I think I’m better. It when i withhold forgiveness and understanding that I have crossed the line. What are your thoughts?

  2. Larry,

    I couldn’t agree more. I believe people are trying to be well meaning without having an understanding of the responsibility of leadership. We also live in a culture where any disagreement is considered “judging”. But I agree with your assessment. We don’t condemn Bob at all. However, his actions have disqualified him.

    Let’s get together soon. Miss you bro!


  3. I know you’re hurting Bob. Thia blog post was really hard and full of great perspective. Not many words can be said to you, buyt I’ve prayed for youband I’m proud to call you friend.

  4. Pastor Bob,
    I am so thankful you shared this. There is much of its heart behind it that mirrors my own, including some of the personal history you referred to. (This is Joe Carroll’s daughter, by the way).

    Thanks again for writing this. The “let bygones be bygones” comments splattered everywhere were really bothering me.

  5. He was not “discovered” by anyone, he felt the call from the holly spirit, he confess his sin, resigned and moved to another place with his wife and family to spend time with God and to spend time with his family to find restoration and I’m sure than God will continue using him on the ministry after this process at a bigger scale, since he was obedient to the voice of God. God Bless him and his family. We all are sinners, we all are disqualified that’s why we need so deeply Jesus in our life

  6. I read in the newspaper that other Calvery ministers announced Bob’s departure. Why didn’t Bob make the announcement himself? Doesn’t he need to take responsibility for owning up to what he did, in front of his congregation, confess his sin, and ask for forgiveness from those he deceived and hurt through his behavior?

  7. The same fear and shame that kept him from reaching out for help (alone at the top) kept him from showing up Sunday afternoon. God knew about this from the beginning… and the end will be better than the beginning. Meanwhile, we grieve.

    Thanks Bob for your insightful words.

  8. Bob, thank you for writing this outstanding post, and sharing your heart and insights.

    Something like this is never easy to handle but perspective like your blog post certainly helps all involved.

    I’m praying for your pastor…and for you.

  9. Will never forget the early days of Calvary Ft. Lauderdale. Can still smell the dumpster in back of Albertsons. Witnessed and took part in some pretty amazing things from 1988-1996. Will always remember Bob with fond memories, but God has not moved from His throne, and Gods church “will” move forward and ministry will continue…

  10. I knew Pastor Bob 15 years ago. Over the years, I was proud of active word, knowing its humble beginnings. I, too, am heartbroken at the news. His voice is a part of my salvation story
    Thank you for your words…well said

  11. Pastor Bob wasn’t there to make the announcement because that is the way Calvary Chapel does things. I’m sure his heart was to be there. I know that Calvary Chapel does not have a restoration process for Pastors who resign for reasons such as this. I am guessing that is why the Baptist churches who do have a program have such a long waiting list. My heart grieves for him and for the hundreds of pastors who are broken and have no place to turn. I am praying for this organization to put in motion a program for hurting pastors.

  12. It is during a time like this, that we will be able to see the fruits of Pastor Bob left in the ministry of Calvary Chapel. When a church stands strong together in the middle of the greatest crisis ever and continue his legacy of producing and reproducing disciples. As a greater teacher he is, still we have a great body of leaders capable no to replace him, but to continue his legacy, because the anointing on his life through the power of the Holy Spirit, that was and still is in his life, for sure has produced great fruit! and the evidence of that is this video! A young generation being raised up to stand in grace and mercy towards of the fallen soldiers. Yes, there are consequences for our choices in life specially through the result of sin, but I personally know a God that is merciful and ready to forgive those that truly repent, which I believe it is his case. These whole thing is actually making me more fired up to stand for Christ and his body than I have been for while. Satan rejoices in what it is happening, and the way we can fight back is to stand united as a body of Christ stronger than ever, even compared to when Pastor Bob was our Senior Pastor! So as good and well trained soldiers for the Kingdom of Heaven lets stand united through prayer for Restoration for this sheep that went stray for a little while, but now will be resting in the arms of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the great Counselor, Deliverer and Healer of our lives!

  13. Thank you Pastor Bob for that post, well said and my sentiments exactly.
    As far as book or books that were life changing for me.
    1. Francine Rivers “Redeeming Love” about Hagar and God’s redeeming love for us no matter how many times we go back to our old sins.
    2. “Same Kind of Different As Me” WOW this is a TRUE story about two men and how their paths in life crossed. One man Ron was serving the homeless and the other man Denver who was homeless was actually the one who changed the life of Ron, you are never the same after this book, you will never look at homeless people the same, you will have WIDE eyes of COMPASSION.

  14. Thank you very my Pastor Bob. My family and I have called Calvary home for 20 years and to have this happened has been heart breaking. What has even been more frustrating is what seems to be the “secretive” nature of it all. I don’t want any details. But when i asked the staff at Calvary if they have a restoration policy, they would not answer. Now it has me questioning if they are going to bring him back or not. I love Bob and his teaching, but i believe it would be a grave mistake if they did that. I don’t want to continue to attend CCFL and begin to heal just to have them try and bring him back in a year or so. That would be absolutely devastating. I just pray that the CCFL leadership will put out a statement addressing some of the concerns of the people. It is as if we have no closure, I believe we deserve that much. Can you give me your thoughts and wisdom on this? Thank you for your time brother. I am sorry for the hurt you have endured.


  15. Great article. What disappointed me the most besides the moral issue was that he did not personally address the church I feel that at the very least he should have shared a video announcement and read his letter in that manner. Many years ago his brother Jim was an associate pastor at Calvary, and he had an affair and pastor Bob made him address the congregation personally and confess I believe he should have used the same measure as he did with his brother.I

  16. I stand in agreement with everything you’ve said, but for the sake of helping someone potentially avoid a possible mistake that could have been avoided was there any warning signs, any red flags, anything that those closest to him could have noticed? what surprises me is how surprised everyone is? the point I’m trying to make its not to drag this through the mud but to ask if we shouldn’t be more vigilant and also bold enough to confront even those in authority, of course for love’s sake.
    thanks… and remember Jesus died for our sins 2000 years ago, that means that even the sins I will commit tomorrow are forgiven. can’t wait to hear the comeback story, for the glory of God.

  17. Restoration to fellowship not leadership…that has been forfeited. As you pointed out the qualifications are clear in Timothy and Titus…one must be above reproach and have a good witness to the world. Can one take fire into his bosom and not be burned? Proverbs 6 provides the answer. I am grieved as well and praying for his family…

  18. There are always consequences for sin–sometimes quite severe, as may prove true in this case. God can, and will, take down anyone from leadership who no longer serves and glorifies Him as He desires and deserves. So, yes, by all means, we need to let this crisis run its course for Pastor Bob’s discipline and redemptive growth.

    That being said, we need to be cautious in commenting on Pastor Bob’s circumstance. We don’t know what his heart struggles are at this moment, but I suspect he is severely broken in humiliation and sorrow. This is a healthy place to be right now, but oh so painful! We can see how this same brokenness affected Peter after he denied our Lord, leading to Jesus looking straight at him. So, yes, the Lord is looking straight at Pastor Bob right now. I’m sure he is feeling the heat of our Saviour’s penetrating gaze. But, just as with Peter, Jesus is looking through the sin to a time when Pastor Bob will return and comfort his brothers and sisters.

    We also need to acknowledge the fact that, just like the crowd before Pilate, some feel such a driven need to assassinate our wounded champions who have given us so much. We need to be on guard as to how Satan will use that mob mentality dynamic as well to pile on Pastor Bob in ways that will not be helpful.

    The incredible God-given power to live the Christian life in a sinful world like ours comes through broken, empty hearts earnestly seeking mercy triumphing over judgment, and grace flowing to our innermost flaws where Christ’s blood cleanses us in forgiveness and love. I believe that’s what it’s all about.

    Warren Kniskern
    (Heb. 12:1-3)
    –Attorney and author of “When The Vow Breaks: A Survival and Recovery Guide For Christians Facing Divorce”

  19. Bob, this is an excellent article and I agree with all you have written. I’ve been in Calvary Chapel for 21 years, ordained for 16, and pastoring this present church for 6. This weekend was like a punch to the gut, and I am not even a personal friend to Bob Coy as you are.

    The one thing I would add on the subject of accountability – every church, especially Calvary Chapels, need something that explains how the leadership, including the Senior Pastor, can be fired. It should be in writing, and public.

    Accountability in other words, is seen AFTER the sins of the leadership – not somehow in order to keep the leadership from sinning. If Jesus can’t keep you accountable, having breakfast with a few pastors once a week sure isn’t going to.

    Praying for all the brothers and sisters at CCFTL or with those roots…like yourself. Blessings.

  20. Well said.
    I heard a teaching about Pastors having a big red target on them. The target is for sin to find them easily and it’s often sexual sin. (don’t know if that’s been confirmed as of yet w/ Bob) The point of the teaching was that pastors find themselves in situation which is very hard for them to really be transparent. They’re put on a pedestal and they lose that ability to be real with their struggles. Then, there is so much pressure to keep it quiet due to the understandable concern of how it will affect the body…especially the newer believers. It’s a very difficult situation. So, although I’m saddened for all involved, I’m not really surprised. Not because Pastor Bob isn’t a great teacher and inspired many to much good, but because he’s part of that very system that unknowingly fosters this common kind of fall. Love to all. May God use this as a growing tool for many.

    • As so many have shared already, obviously Pastor Bob made a risky choice to do what he did, and he did not choose wisely (as he so often encouraged everyone at CCFL to do). But I believe you have highlighted a signficant and very relevant factor adversely affecting this choice, Lenore.

      When one is in a high profile ministry like that of CCFL, it’s almost like you have a tiger by the tail if you are in a position of power and realize that you’re getting in over your head in personal sin. This leads to a process of elaborate and complex rationalization: Do I “take the medicine” and come clean with my congregation, but weather the “side effects” of losing my ministry and the faithful trust of thousands who have been positively affected by what I’ve shared from the pulpit, possible destruction of my family, and bring the Lord’s work into public disgrace, or do I instead forego taking the medicine and hope, by some miracle, another option will open up for me when I can exit gracefully? The irony is that so often the Lord comes in to force us to “take the medicine”–side effects and all–and often at a time when the side effects will be even more severe. You can almost hear this struggle being outlined by Pastor Bob himself in his message regarding Joel 3:14 entitled “Side Effects,” as delivered on 5/29/11.

      The ministry structure may not have served Pastor Bob well in possible viewing him as an “untouchable” and giving him a pass for personal accountability. That didn’t help, for sure. But the ultimate responsibility for handling this crisis was, and is, Pastor Bob’s alone before our Lord. Even so, it is a minefield that would challenge any flesh and blood. So I’m empathetic regarding this dynamic.

      Yes, we have a choice in matters like this. But the fallout from whatever decision we make often can be a “Catch 22” situation if sin has progressed beyond its earliest stage when matters possibly could have been dealt with privately and more discreetly, while minimizing those awful side effects.


    I was so tired of hearing things like “let he gones be by gones!” I was like wait a minute!!!! And people were acting like I was so merciless and where was my grace and forgiveness. Anywho, I agree with all of your points. I don’t think he was a fraud in the least, however I am very disappointed and have ZERO tolerance for cheating as my father cheated on my mother (even though my mom was cheating in her mind and hadn’t taken it to the next level). I loathe and despise cheating more than the normal person. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be forgiven or restored, BUT ALL IN TIME. A LONG TIME.

    Thanks you!

  22. I have been a Christian for over 45 years. I have been going to Calvary for three years. I have never learned and understood so much about the Bible, and felt closer to God, all thanks to Pastor Bob’s teaching. Many, many tears fell in our house hold. I pray for strength for Pastor Bob, his family,and our church family, He will truly be missed.

  23. Father God, I have no idea who this man is… this was just a shared blog on FB. He and his friend have been caught up in a situation that is way too common in the church today; well, that and so many other sins that people want to justify. Lord, I thank you that even though this is breaking his heart, that he is drawing strength from you; let his friend do the same. Lord I thank you that he has held true to the conviction that going to church is still important; let his friend do the same. Lord let the community of saints draw around them and minister to each of them in truth, in the way that You decree, not where their hearts want to lead them. Please don’t let his friend’s stronghold(s) be coddled, lead him to someone who can get to the spiritual roots and use the sword of the Holy Spirit, rooted and grounded deeply in Your Word, to whack those things out of there. Bring restoration and renewal to his friend’s mind, soul, spirit and body. Be with his family as they, too, are deeply effected by this transgression. Do not let them give the enemy a foothold, a base of operation… Yes, they have to walk through the fire….lead them in that direction because on the other side, they will realize that they not only didn’t get burned but that, personally, relationally and spiritually, there will be a new creation for them on the other side. I ask all of this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  24. I am so conflicted and thank you for the perspective. I go to Calvary, admittedly, because of Pastor Coy. I was very disconnected from the Catholic Church and used to watch Coy’s Sunday service on TV years ago. I emailed him based on an invitation one Sunday. He invited me to actually attend a service, which I did sometime later. I have learned more about the bible from his teachings than I did after almost 20 years in a Catholic Church. I will miss him and will always thank him for his unique and truthful love of Jesus. His outlook will always be special to me.

  25. Bob, thank you for the truth in #4 but it is spot on and we can only change that ourselves! If we truly live others we will leave ourselves vulnerable by accountability!

  26. Bob,

    I read your post and cried for you, just like I’m crying for my church. I’m worried about the staff left behind, bewildered, confused and picking up the pieces.

  27. P.S.–For those who would like to take a positive step toward helping those in a situation like Pastor Bob’s, consider donating to frontline Christian anti-porn sites like, which offers its X3 Watch accountability software. (You may view a documentary on this particular cutting edge ministry by watching the online free documentary, “Missionary Positions,” at:

  28. In her 4/8/14 post above, Suzanne asks the same question many others have been posting: Why isn’t Pastor Bob talking directly to the Christian community? Perhaps he is working toward that goal now. Obviously this matter is still so fresh that he needs time for prayer and petition before the Lord, as well as trying to stabilize his family while seeking reconciliation. We can understand that.

    Meanwhile, Pastor Bob is getting skewered in the social media–well beyond what his misconduct deserves–with a boatload of rumor and speculation, even to the point of accusations that he’s a total fraud and a con artist. You’ve seen the attacks. Well, Pastor Bob is not a fraud. He’s not a con artist. He’s the real deal–a brother in Christ who made a terrible mistake.

    What would the Lord want us to do in these circumstances? Love him. Pray for him and his family and everyone else directly impacted by this tragedy. Have compassion and empathy for the battle he’s in right now. He and his family hurt deeply. As Christians, we hurt along with them. Most importantly, we don’t turn our backs on them in their distress.

    We worship Christ–not Pastor Bob. We know that. Pastor Bob certainly knows that too. But we have compassion for our dear brother in Christ, a mighty man of God, who has fallen.

    But back to the question at hand. HOW did this happen? More importantly, WHY did it happen? Although I’ve enjoyed listening to all of Pastor Bob’s messages for over 11 years now, and have visited Calvary Chapel multiple times when in Florida, I’ve never met him personally and certainly cannot speak for him. Since he can’t speak for himself right now, however, are there any words that perhaps will help bring his personal struggle with “Every Man’s Battle” into some focus to help us compassionately understand some of the background of this crisis? Indeed, there is!

    In his message entitled “Victorious” on Joshua 8:1 given over two years ago (3/11/12) (which has been in the public domain for the entire time), Pastor Bob showed tremendous character and raw humility in sharing his heart this way (discussing how to fight the flesh with faith):

    “Listen, if it’s not the physical flesh, or the spiritual flesh, sometimes it’s the social flesh. It’s somebody else who’s bugging YOU because of THEIR flesh! So their flesh is bugging them, but they’re not just going to be all fleshly by themselves. No, they flesh out around you, and you flesh out around them. So they get angry, and you get angry.

    “Listen, I don’t mind saying this. There’s a person in this church I really have a hard time with. Right now. And I don’t mind saying so! In fact, this one person has caused me more problems than any other person in this church. And I actually know that the only day I’ll ever really live is when this person’s DEAD! Listen, it’s ME! That’s who it is! I have a big problem with me! In fact, I really love myself, like most of you do. But I love me more than you. I love myself. I’m always on my mind–I know that. … Listen, as much as I’m a problem for myself, I’ll never really get in my face about it. Like when I see myself in the mirror, like I did this morning, ‘Hi Bob! How’s it going?’, I never [say], ‘I’ve had it with you! You’d better change, man, or I’m LEAVING!’ Why? Because I’m stuck with ME! And I caused so many problems in my life! You know why? Because I’m a sinner! And it’s my flesh….

    “I Peter 5:8: There the Bible says, ‘Listen, be sober. Be vigilant. Your adversary, the Devil, prowls around like a roaring lion seeking somebody to devour.’ If you don’t conquer your flesh, your flesh will conquer YOU! The enemy is playing for keeps! He wants to DEVOUR you! And the word for ‘devour’, listen, I looked it up, he wants to put away; he wants to WRECK; he wants to GUT; he wants to RUIN; he wants to PLAGUE; he wants to TROUBLE YOU!

    “Now some of you, being troubled by the enemy in your flesh, and you’re doing nothing about it! … And I have seen people in the Body of Christ. There you are, ‘Hi! Sunday morning! Got my Bible! Ready too!’ And then someone very attractive walks down the aisle. And that’s the enemy, ready to go, ‘Come on! Look at her! Look at her! Come on! Come on! Look at her!’ And you look up–BAM! What happened? ‘I started to worship and then something happened, and I don’t know, I don’t know… I lifted my hands to Jesus, and then I looked, and then I thought, ‘OH!’ And then the enemy said, ‘You’re going to lift those hands to Jesus?’ I want to leave! What happened? I don’t know how that happened.’ I know how it happened! ”


    “Listen, everyone, EVERYONE, can come to that place on their journey where you just get tired–especially, listen, and I’m going to be honest–sometimes you can just get tired of living a righteous life. And sometimes, listen, the enemy will whisper in your ear, ‘You know what you deserve? A sin break!’ ‘Excuse me?’ ‘Ah, you need a little sin break. Remember how much fun you used to have when you did…’ And then suddenly, there’s the lure right there. ‘I DO actually deserve… I’ve been good!’

    “Listen to this, I have had more battles after victories than I have in the face of the battle. In other words, going into the battle, I say, ‘There’s the enemy, man! I’m going to take down the enemy for Jesus, man! I SO love the Lord! Lord, be with me! I’m going into a battle! Here I go! Direction–sharp, clear, I am!’ It’s on the OTHER side–I DID IT! I DID IT! I DID. I DID IT! I need a cold glass of tea! You got any Jack Daniels? … Listen, temptation always lurks, and temptation is always loudest, after a victory–not before a battle. Why? Before a battle you need Jesus! Before the battle, you’re counting on God!”

    Our task is to come alongside our wounded brother and encourage his heart as he faces the consequences of his actions, and also to give him hope of forgiveness, redemption, and rejuvenation for the future.

  29. Warren Kniskern – So well said. Thank you for sharing. God allows a corporate shake down for one reason…. to purify the church and that starts with me! It always starts with me.

    Lord, I pray for those angry, hurt and bitter. Will you help it start with them? AMEN.

  30. I’m wondering, if you can recognize that appreciation of one’s ministry is not worshipping them, then why in the world do so many at CC accuse other Christians of worshipping Luther, or Calvin, or even the Pope? if it is possible for you to appreciate and not worship them, why can’t other Christians? i’ve been accused of this by CC guys a lot!!!

    • Hector,

      I can’t speak for anyone else. I personally believe we can appreciate the ministry of others without confuses that person with Jesus.

      Sometimes people make these kind of claims in effort to just take a cheap shot.

      Don’t worry about it.



  31. By the way, i’m no longer with CC, but I know of Bob Coy. the news of this shocked me, and deeply saddened me. i hope that both Bob, his family and the church in FL all heal in the aftermath of all this.

  32. Very well explained. I have a question. What church process took place when Pastor Bob fired his brother Jim Coy for extra marital affair while an associate pastor and why is he now leading Calvary Chapel as Pastor in Wellington Fl?

    • Sherry,

      Jim was released when he confessed to the affair. He was sent to counseling. There was going to be a restoration process, but Jim did not take it. He chose to start an independent ministry instead.

      As to why he’s leading a church in Wellington, anyone can incorporate a non-profit in the state of Florida. Why it’s a Calvary Chapel affiliate, however, I have no idea. I was not part of that process.